Adding Libguides to Blackboard

From Anna

Just checked out your setup & it looks like you have it set up properly – the only thing I would caution you about, based on the conversation on Monday, is using context_label as the "LTI Parameter Name" field. Mac had commented on using context_title instead, which is the course name. The course names in your Blackboard setup all begin with the course number, though with a space vs. a period between the subject and the number. So, BIOL 4900 vs. BIOL.4900. And the section information is further along, too...for example: BIOL 4900 P 1 250 vs. BIOL.4900-250.
So you may want to discuss options on which field to use with Mac before doing too much more with adding metadata to guides. You can see what options come through by going to LTI Instance Details, limiting the table to display Manual tools only, and clicking the eye icon in the Actions column. (I mentioned this to Mac yesterday, too.) That'll show you what comes through for both context_label (course number) and context_title (course name). An example from your system right now, which is a Manual tool added on Monday, Oct 16th (ID 214197 / Tool ID 10151 in the table):
  • context_label (course number): L2710-11581
  • context_title (course name):  POMS 2010 P 1 208 Intro to Business Analytics Fall 2017
Not sure if that's a test course or not, but it's something to keep in mind: the Blackboard course number value may be very different from the course name / number from the registrar. From what I gathered from Mac / am seeing here – and you'll want to verify with him - the course name has the course number info that is used by the registrar. The course number field has something just used by Blackboard. So, if you want to use the list of course numbers you get from the registrar vs. having to get an export from Blackboard every semester / scour through it to get the right context_label field'll want to use context_title as the "LTI Parameter Name" field in your Automagic setup.
You may also want to verify with him that the P 1 in the course_title value is not something that changes from semester to semester. (I asked and he said no, but I don't remember now whether I asked if it changed from semester to semester or just asked if it ever changed.) If it does, you'll need to update those values in your LibGuides metadata for the courses where you are limiting to a specific course...which I think is most of your content (faculty/section specific), right?
Does all of that make sense? I'm not sure I'm explaining it 100% clearly...happy to do another phone/webinar meeting with you all, if that's helpful. Or even set up a time to meet in person (maybe somewhere between here and there?) to go through things, if that's more helpful. I have limited days in the next couple of weeks to do that, but we can probably figure something out. Or even push that idea out to a later date. Whatever works. :)

From Mac

Hi Margaret,
No problem, that’s fine with me.
Either set up would work.
The LTI parameter is just pulling a field from blackboard and attempting to match it to the meta data in libguides.
context_title would pull the course name from blackboard,  “NURS 3140 P 1 102 Health Promotion Fam II Fall 2017” for example. This is not exactly what you would get from SiS for a name because that field in BB is a combination of a few SiS fields.
Context_label would pull the course ID, L2710-9686 for example. This is combination of the term code L2710, which is the same for all Fall 2017 courses and the specific class number 9686. The class number is available a number of ways and easy to find.
If we are going for a specific course match for libguides the course ID may be easier to ensure an exact match to the meta data and it’s also shorter. Either way the libguide data would need to be updated each semester since the course numbers and course names/sections would both change for an instructor from term to term.
If you like we can try both and see which one you prefer but if it was me entering the data I might try the _label first.