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Computing I: Homeworks

How to Hand-In Paper Homeworks

(1) When a homework assignment is due on a Saturday, you should bring it to class and when you walk into class, place it on the single blue chair at the front of the class.

(2) When a homework assignment is due on any other day of the week, you should slide it beneath my office door. My office is O'Leary 302.

Note 1: You should know how to respond when I say "What is this?" when I am looking at an expression.

Note 2: You should know that the C programming language has 45 operators. Thirteen of them have side-effects.

Note 3: You should never be stumped when I ask you to verbalize an object's type. No mumbly mouth. Clear. Precise. Perfect.

Note 4: We are on a mission. The mission is for each of you to own this material. Conquer it. Easy Peasy. But, it takes effort and it will require your time. Make this happen.

Paper Homeworks

Homework PDF or Description Due Date/Time
Homework 1 Homework 1 Wed. Sept. 13th, by 8:00 pm
Homework 2 Reserve Space Wed. Sept. 27th by 8:00 pm
Homework 3 Unsigned Binary Wed. Sept. 27th by 8:00 pm
Homework 4 Memory Template AA Thursday. Sept. 28th by 10:00 pm
Homework 5 Memory Template Recursive Multiply Saturday, Nov. 4th by 10:00 am in class