Ensemble at UMass Lowell: How to Stream Films for Classes

Workflow for Digitizing

DVD in to DVD drive, it will show several files. Each DVD is different, but it has to be in a digital format that can be ripped or burned on to the hard drive of your computer, before it can be uploaded to Ensemble. The goal is to get  the file format in to an Mp4.

The first step is to carefully check the DVD inventory in Ensemble to be sure the film has not been uploaded already.

Once the DVD is on the hard drive of your computer it has to be converted to this format and compressed so that the file size going in is 1 gig. Wondershare is software which can convert the DVD file, but there are others which Randy can share with us. You can use a hardware converter, see below.

Once this is done you can reduce resolution to reduce the file size but care must be taken not to reduce the resolution so much that the DVD quality is destroyed.

1000 megabytes = a gigabyte.

Converting is best done with a hardware converter which Randy Tyndall has and will show those needing to know, how to use. Once the DVD file has been converted you can upload to Ensemble. Ensemble will ask what Playlist to upload the DVD to so it is advisable to create a Playlist before hand if one does not already exist.

If you have reformatted a number of DVD's for a faculty member you can use Bulk Upload in Ensemble, and also Bulk Publish.