Jenifer Whitten-Woodring

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Authors: Jenifer Whitten-Woodring, Christopher McKallagat, Fl´avio D. S. Souza and Cameron Wimpy

Date Issued: September 2017

Language:  en_US

Publisher: Southwestern Social Science Association

Type:  Article

Social Science Quarterly, "Are Media at Work in Your Neighborhood? The Effects of Media Freedom, Internet Access, and Information Spillover on Workers' Rights"


Objectives:. In this study, we focus on how access to information empowers workers and pressures government and firms to improve labor conditions. Methods. We consider the effects of two critical mechanisms supporting both information access and flow across borders (i.e., media freedom and Internet usage) on workers’ rights across countries and over time using spatial models. Results. The findings overall indicate that there is a spatial component associated with the degree of workers’ rights in a given country. Further analysis reveals that this is due—at least in part—to the level of media freedom and information flow across borders. Conclusion. We find support for the theorized notion that the ability of workers to secure and exercise their rights to collective bargaining and freedom of association in the workplace depends on workers’ awareness of labor conditions and the potential for improvement


Social Science Quarterly, Volume 98, Number 3, September 2017