Jenifer Whitten-Woodring

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Author: Jennifer Whitten-Woodring

Date Issued: 2016-09-08

Language:  en_US

Publisher: Routledge

Type:  Article

Subjects: women's rights, media, media freedom, internet access

Journal of Human Rights, "News about her: The effects of media freedom and internet access on women's rights"


Human rights organizations have long heralded media freedom as critical to holding government accountable and thereby improving a wide range of human rights. Similarly the Internet and social media are assumed to empower citizens by enabling them to document repression and thereby discourage future abuse. So what does this mean for women’s rights? I propose that, when it comes to women’s rights, the combination of media freedom and Internet access will make a difference and that the effect of media freedom will depend on Internet access. I test my hypotheses across countries and over time and find that the interaction of Internet access and media freedom has positive effects on women’s rights regardless of regime type.


Journal of Human Rights (2016) 15:3, 383-407