Proquest Administration Process

Manage Site

The Site Settings option allows the administrator to require certain information be included on their submissions. 

  • Student ID
  • School email address
  • In addition to the degree year, the month may be required
  • ORCID ids should be used

The Instructions page allows the administrator to customize the submission instructions.

There are several sections with text entry boxes for descriptive text.  There are also options to add links to websites, files and email links.  There is also an option to only display the descriptive text.

This information can be added to specific sections of the page.

There is also a link to display the page with the information entered in the text boxes on the Instructions page.

The Administrator Accounts selection allows administrators to add additional administrators.  Once an administrator with basic contact information has been added, an email will be sent the requires the new administrator to activate the account.

Once an administrator is in the Accounts list, permissions can be changed depending on the role the administrator will take.

These permissions are set using a simple checkbox and the features include:

  • Manage Dissertations & Theses
    • The ability to assign other administrators to to specific submissions
    • Review the EDTs.  This does not give permission to make changes or register decisions on the submission.
    • Revise submissions that have been assigned to an administrator or allow revisions of all submissions.
    • Register Decisions that have been assigned to an administrator or all submissions, even those not assigned.
    • Deliver assigned EDTs to ProQuest or deliver all submissions, event those not assigned.
    • The ability to submit EDTs for students.
  • Manage Site:
    • Grant permission to customize student settings
    • The ability to create administrator accounts
    • The ability to generate site reports
  • Email Preferences:
    • The option to receive an email when a student makes a submission
    • The option to receive a copy of all outgoing emails from administrators.

The My Profile section allows administrators to change their information and email preferences.

There is also an option for the administrator to customize how the list of EDTs displays in the View EDT List section of the Manage Dissertations & Theses tab that appears when they log on to the Administrator Website.