Proquest Administration Process

Manage Dissertations & Theses

The View ETD List allows administrators to sort and filter submissions by:

  • Status
  • The last event
  • Assigned administrator
  • Associated tag (this is a keyword the administrator can add to group submissions of a certain type together)'
  • Specific information:
    • Abstract
    • Confirmation Number
    • Date Submitted
    • Student First Name
    • Student Last Name
    • Subject Category
    • Submission ID
    • Title

Seelctiin thsi choice allows the administrator toenter a new EDT for a student.

It is suggested that if a student wishes to have this service done, they sit with administrator to ensure all entered information is correct.

(NOTE:  Since this is more work fo rhte administrator, the library might wish to consider charging a fee for this service)

This selection allows the administrator to download selected documents associated with a submission.

Selecting the Batch Delivery option allows an administrator to select one or more submissions that are ready for processing.  The submissions can be filtered by tags or assigned administrator and then delivered electronically to ProQuest..

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