Proquest Administration Process

Processing a submission

  • Admin logs on and accesses the submission
  • Checking the submission – The library will verify that all items required for graduation are complete. THE LIBRARY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CHECKING SUBMITTED ITEMS.  STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PDF FORMATTING AND METADATA.
  • Complete the checklist – this will be created for the Library/Registrar workflow.
  • Ready for Delivery to UMI Dissertation publishing.
    • Change status/Decision to “Accepted”
    • Email confirmation sent to student.  This is customizable.
    • Paper is ready to send to UMI Publishing.
  • Batch Delivery.  Administrator can select several papers and send them to UMI and University Repository.
  • NOTES:
    • Library will not use the Revision Status.  The paper should be in final form prior to submission.
    • If there is a serious problem with the submission or the paperwork, the Library may Reject the submission.  An email template will allow the admin to send an explanation of what was wrong.
    • Supporting documentation can be added to the student’s submission.  Documents can be scanned and then attached to the Student’s record.  These are in the form of Internal Notes.
    • To be determined:  Can you add documents here or is it just notes?