Closed Captioning Transcriptions

From Mike Lucas, Director of IT Services

This is a nice program for editing mechanical captions.  Though I did have some issues with the timing of the captions that I imported from Cielo24 – captions were out of timecode and would not allow me to save as SRT until I changed all timecode – a long process.
This editor is great when starting the captioning from scratch.  But I think we will still need to do some testing to see how it can handle Cielo created mechanical captioning.  There would be another step involved – getting the video file from cielo and downloading to the computer.  Then load the file into Cadet.  Then download the SRT caption file and load that into Cadet.
The editor is better then Cielo, but the workflow is a bit cumbersome.  Also would need to test several other files to find out if the timecode error is universal on all cielo created content.
I wish the Cielo editor had the Cadet interface however – much easier to keep pace.