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Information Literacy

"Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information."

--American Library Association. Presidential Committee on Information Literacy. Final    Report.(Chicago: American Library Association, 1989.)


The KnowHow Project was born out of the need for an Information Literacy program at UMass Lowell. The American Library Association(ALA) defines that as the ability to get information when you need it. With so many resources available to students at UML, it became necessary to train students how to use it. These skills aren't just used here at UML, though. When students leave the university they will have skils that will help them investigate and learn throughout their lives.

Information Literacy Links

Here are links to various Information Literacy web sites:

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education
National Forum on Information Literacy
Directory of Online Resources for Information Literacy


From 2009

This project began 5 years ago with a small stipend from the Provost to hire an art student (Will Olbreys) who worked to develop the logo as well as the look and feel for the site. After an initial spurt the project lay fallow for four years until this past summer (2009). I recently had the opportunity to hire two students (Matt Iannotti, Sound Recording Technology;
Lara Goss, English) to help revive the project. This phase of the project was made possible by an Academic Technology Grant from the UMass President’s Office.

The purpose of the KnowHow site is to serve as an information literacy portal for on campus as well as online students. It has become clear in the recent past that as the amount of information available online has increased, the accompanying skill level of students to effectively search for and discern the information they do find has not kept pace. Multiple studies have shown that college students could use a little help with basic library/Internet search techniques and strategies. This website aims to offer this type of assistance by helping to define and explain some of the more basic “forensics of knowledge.” while at the same time, exposing students to faculty thinking and expectations when it comes to college level research and information use.

The KnowHow project is the brainchild of Mitch Shuldman (MLS, Ed.D.), Media Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (

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