Using E-Books Purchased by the Library

Program Adoption

Professor J. Michael O'Connor, Professor Bryan Buchholz, and Program Director Sanjeev Manohar have adopted for the course IB500, Introduction to Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, the book Introduction to Biomedical Engineering by John Enderle & Joseph Bronzino, purchased as a multi-use ebook by UML. Each student who takes the course, offered over a range of several semesters, saves $95.54, the discounted cost on Amazon.


Some examples of UMass Lowell faculty testing the waters with Open Textbooks, and OERs

  • Two math professors have written a textbook and published it on the web under Creative Commons
  • Two science and engineering professors, and one English professor, have adopted e-books owned by the library
  • One professor created a group of article links in the library catalog.

‚ÄčTheir work is illustrated below.

Open Math Text

From Professors Al Doerr and Ken Levasseur 

This Open Textbook is used at UML for Course 92.321/322.

Other schools are also using this open textbook.

Students anywhere can download the book for free or order a print copy at this site.


Creative Commons

Applied Discrete Structures by Al Doerr and Ken Levasseur is a free open content textbook.  You can essentially share it with anyone as long as you leave the Creative Commons license in place.

E-Book Adoptions

For course 22.597, Processing of Composites, a graduate-level course, Professor Chris Hansen adopted a book the library subscribes to via its Knovel Engineering database:
Enrollment, and an indication of the amount saved: 62 students, over 3 terms. List: $190 ea.
Librarian Margaret Manion also created a list of supplemental e-books for the course.

Professor Keith Mitchell, in the English Department, has adopted Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance for his course on the Harlem Renaissance.

Article Packets

Professor Glenn Mangurian, who teaches PSM 555.031: Professional Leadership in Science & Engineering, created a packet of online articles for his students to read. One example is below.

In Praise of the Incomplete Leader

Malone Orlikowski and Senge Ancona

Reserved for: PSM 555 031: Professional Leadership in Science & Engineering