Connecting for Success: Southeast Asian Transfer Students Resources



Salesforce Community

We have an exciting new opportunity through George Hart, our Director of Libraries. George was able to ordered a 20-user license for Salesforce Community, in support of the Resource Infrastructure Committee’s (RIFC) knowledge-sharing needs (which is a committee that we serve together on for the Chancellor’s 2020 Strategic Plan). One of our RIFC committee tasks is to better support diverse student populations.


To Get Started

We got the idea to create an online community through Salesforce Community app to connect the Southeast Asian students with the different supports we have on campus (i.e., Center for Asian American Studies, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Library Services); so it will be their one stop app to get all the questions they need answered and to connect them with faculty and staff.  In order for us to kickoff this community, we need the student emails of the Southeast Asian students

George Hart, Director of the Library and faculty member Phitsamay Uy, have been working with Middlesex Community College and, in particular, a cohort of Southeast Asian transfer students from MCC who are interested in UMass Lowell. 

 We thought a good way of reaching out to this cohort would be to leverage the Target X / Salesforce email capabilities with a link to a libguide that is being worked on: “Connecting for Success: Southeast Asian Transfer Student Resources”
If Michael Belcher’s team engages on this project and has the particular MCC students in a group in Salesforce, this could be a powerful way of engaging with them.