PHYS.1210.103: Exploring the Universe - Cook


Required for all classes (10% of your final grade involves daily in-class questions)

Make-Up Work

May be permitted but only in cases of documented unavoidable absence due to acceptable cause (such as serious illness, death in the family, jury duty, etc.). Only students who have authorized absences from at least 3 quizzes are eligible for makeups. 

Grade Breakdown

The final semester grade will depend upon the following four, graded course components and their indicated weights:

Assignment Weight
In class questions (lowest 9 lectures will be dropped) 10%
Homework (lowest of 4 scores will be dropped) 25%
Weekly Quizzes 25%
Final Exam (REQUIRED - see SiS for time) 40%
TOTAL 100%

The final score will be curved to yield approximately 10% As, 50% Bs and 40% Cs for those fulfilling all course requirements. This means that you will earn no lower than a C-level grade for doing all required work shown in the Table above. One letter grade lower course grade will be assigned to those missing more than 25% of their work (4 homeworks or 3 quizzes or 9 days of in-class questions). An F-grade will be assigned to those turning in less than 50% of the assignments (Homeworks, Quizzes, or days of in-class questions) or missing the final examination

In-class Questions

Bring your response pad (clicker) to every class as questions will be given daily. You will NEVER be able to use paper in place of your response pad. No makeup questions will be given. In-class questions for the first 6 lectures will be for practice only and will not count toward your grade. Correct answers to in-class questions will count for 3 points. Incorrect answers will count for 2 points.

Use of more than one response pad at a time constitutes academic dishonesty and is a violation of the University's Academic Integrity Policy. 



  1. Homework must be turned in on-line using Blackboard
  2. Homework must be turned in a single PDF format document
  3. Typewritten assignments are preferred. Scanned, handwritten assignments are acceptable only if they are clear and legible.
  4. Keep your answers brief and to the point.
  5. Homework must be turned in by the time and date indicated on the assignment schedule.
  6. No LATE homework will be graded for any reason.
  7. Your grade for homework will be determined by dropping the lowest 4 homework scores.
  8. You should work with classmates and discuss your answers with anyone, but what you submit MUST BE your OWN work in your own words. You MUST NOT copy anyone else’s work.

Weekly Quizzes

You will use Blackboard for on-line quizzes. You will have several days to complete a 20-minute long quiz. Once started, you will have 20-minutes to complete, so please make sure that you have no distractions. The quiz cannot be paused.

Final Exam

Bring a number 2 pencil, eraser, and scientific calculator. The final exam will consist of 100 questions from the quizzes and final weeks’ material; time/date/place to be announced by the registrar's office 

Policy for Final Exam

1. The work MUST BE your own work. No communication with other students is permitted.

The only items which are allowed on your work space are (a) the question sheet(s), (b) your answer sheet (bubble form), (c) an electronic calculator, (d) a single 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper with any notes you wish to use and (e) pencil and eraser.

2. Electronic communication devices such as cell phones, ipods, etc. must be turned off and placed in your book bag or on the floor. If you have one of these in your hand or on your work space, it will be presumed that it is being used for academically dishonest purposes.

3. Any student observed violating rules 1 and/or 2 above will at a minimum be asked to leave the room and forfeit the exam score, i.e. you will receive a score of zero. Familiarize yourself with UML policy