UMass Journal Study and E&E Project


Academic Efficiency, Quality and Innovation
Strategic Priorities
Support academic collaboration and promote efficiencies in academic support and administration including the Libraries.

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Thanks for your comments. I would like your help with this since I am not familiar with the specific  IT and Library activities. Perhaps as a group, you could separate out the IT activities from the Library activities and indicate which library activities are system-wide. Yes, some of you identified metrics and savings, but I’m not sure if those were campus specific or system savings. I think at this stage of the process, it would be best to identify those activities that are common to all campuses or that have a system-wide impact. I really appreciate your help in sorting this out.


As you probably know, because you have been asked for information, we are working on developing an Academic E&E Dashboard. As you may remember, in the fall we discussed short and long term Academic E&E initiatives that were relevant for the libraries. Out of that discussion, a slide entitled, Support Academic Collaboration, was included in the developing Academic E&E dashboard. That dashboard was sent to the campus provost’s to gather information. This slide- Support Academic Collaboration –did not have defined metrics associated with it, so we received a few different versions/interpretations of it (see attached). I think the next step is to determine consistent metrics for these initiatives and to confirm that these are appropriate initiatives to include. Please take a look at the slides included. I look forward to your suggestions regarding how we can better state these initiatives and provide consistent metrics across the campuses. If you think we should convene another conference call meeting to discuss these issues, I can arrange that.