Server and Proxy Support

From George Hart

   The security error when you went to article quick search is caused by our EZProxy server in Olsen Hall.  We’re working with IT to move to another server, probably with OCLC, asap.  The need to clear the cache to load is also caused by the servers in Olsen Hall.  IT wants to shut these servers down—for us that means moving permanently to asap.



One root problem is the EZProxy server on campus.  The security certificate has not been maintained and updated, as these servers are being phased out by IT.  Our solution—together with IT—is to move the EZProxy application to the cloud.  We signed a contract for this on Friday, and are working on the application migration this week.


In the meantime, there are some workarounds.


You can clear the browser cache—go back a week or so—and that usually works.  Switching browsers sometimes also works (they handle the security certificates differently).


If you are on campus, you can remove the EZProxy prefix (


to use the direct address from on campus:,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=psyh


And, fortunately, we aim to be on a secure, cloud-based server by next week.


A couple of other issues—


The new library homepage works better with the “www” included.  I had been using and was also getting hung up. 


They told me to always use  There are three pathways when you hit the server, and adding the www ensures the right path.


And here’s the Sociological Abstracts URL without the EZProxy prefix:


This should work from on campus.  From off campus, it’s best to clear the browser cache, back about a week.


Lastly, the old library website, also runs on a campus server, slated for sunsetting, and with a security certificate that expired, same as EZProxy.  Again, clearing the browser cache should work.


As soon as we got to the bottom of this, we moved immediately to migrate to the cloud.