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 Scott Stangroom

 Head of Acquisitions

How to Resolve Access Issues for IEEE

The following obstacles to access to this subscription journal arose in February, 2017. According to Librarian Emails:

From: Paton, Rose
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 3:04 PM
To: Keane, Ellen; Hart, George
Cc: Friedman, Deborah
Subject: online article
 We used to be able to open up IEEE Xplore to view articles online.  Our system says we have from 1990 to present.  I tried to open up a full text for  TN 150708,
Journal of systems engineering and electronics   v.25 No. 6 2014
Looking for the article Integration of a-fairness with DEA based resource allocation on pages 1027-1036.   When I click on the PDF, it is asking me to sign in.  We never had to do that before.

From: Hart, George
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 4:17 PM
To: Keane, Ellen; Paton, Rose
Cc: Friedman, Deborah
Subject: Re: online article
We haven’t changed the IEEE subscription

On 2/14/17, 3:49 PM, "Keane, Ellen" <> wrote:
 Hi Rose, 
 Denise just reported the same problem. I told her I'd see if I could find anything out. The journal title isn't in the A to Z list so it may not be part of our package. If that's the case, I can check on editing the WMS Knowledge Base collection.
 George, do you know if there have been any changes to our IEEE subscription?

On 2/14/17, 6:41 PM, "Keane, Ellen" <> wrote:

Hi George, 
I downloaded the title list for IEEE Explore. It seems to indicate that we should have access to Journal of systems engineering and electronic, 1990-present. We are not able to get to this title, however. Can you check with IEEE about restoring our access?




UMass Lowell - Access to a journal - Question
Response By Email (Pam) (02/17/2017 12:44 PM)
Hi Celine,
Thank you for contacting IEEE.
Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics is not included in your IEL subscription.
To express your interest for access to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, we have listed the primary contact at your institution below:

Contact Name:  Scott Stangroom

Title:                  Head of Acquisitions

Email Address:

 IEEE is the only one we share.  Amherst pays the IEEE invoice and UMass Medical, UMB, UML, and UMD share the cost.