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2012 National Teacher of the Year, Rebecca Mieliwocki


Integrating Assignment 2: Report on an Interview with an Educational Hero

(to be completed by students seeking B/A)

The 2nd Integrating assignment requires that you identify, contact, and interview an educator who has been a hero or mentor to you—someone to whom you look up.  This person may be teaching K-12 or higher education, or they may be working in another role—counselor, administrator, school librarian, etc. Your hero should not be a family member. 

I must approve your selection.  You will submit a proposal to me 10/11/16 for my approval. 

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Once approved, you are required to contact your candidate and set up an interview time with them—this must be done by 10/17/16

For your interview, you will use an interview protocol (set of questions) provided to you by the instructor.  You will “write up” your interview and present on the experience orally in class.  This assignment is due in the Blackboard Dropbox by no later than 9:00 am on Monday 11/14/16. Presentations on the assignment will be made 11/14 and 11/16.   Specifications for the assignment will be distributed separately.