Troubleshooting EDS Links

Troubleshooting Linksource

From: Hart, George [] 
Sent: Saturday, December 03, 2016 4:07 PM
To: Sean Tivnan <stivnan@EBSCO.COM>
Subject: LinkSource not working
Glass-Steagall Act (1933)
 Detail Only Available, Database: Credo Reference Collection
[ext through LinkSource] Full Text through LinkSource..
 Sean—how should we troubleshoot LinkSource issues?  In the course of researching various topics, I frequently find that LinkSource is either incorrect or a dead end.  I need a way to assign this to someone to conduct a systematic review.


Response from EBSCO

From Sean Tivnan, EBSCO, 12/5/16
Thanks for your email.  This link errored out for me as well but it wasn’t due to a Full Text Finder Error.  This link is a session link, which means that it will eventually expire once the timed session runs out.  In the future, please include “permalinks” to any errors you find.  These links can be provided by using the “Share” feature as depicted in the screenshot below.

If you’re looking to share an individual record you can click the permalink button in the detailed record as shown in the below screenshot.
Now I was able to find the Link in Discovery and click on the Full Text Finder Link and it brought me to your FTF menu where I could then select the ILL form.  I understand this to be proper functionality for Umass Lowell.  Is your user seeing something else? 
Regardless, I have requested a link check be performed on your account just to make sure all of our links have been configured correctly.  You may also recall that over the summer Umass Lowell migrated from LinkSource to our new link resolver Full Text Finder. 
Lastly, did you have the chance on Friday to decide in what direction you wanted to go with the search box?   I’ve included my suggestions below on how I think we can make you search box fantastic.
1.      Search Everything – this tab will search all aspects of Discovery; Your databases, your catalog, your D-Space, and your apps.
2.      Search Catalog – this will search only your catalog within the discovery interface
3.      Search Institutional Repository – this tab will only search your IR within the discovery interface.  As most students won’t know what this means
4.      Search Articles – will search articles in the Discovery Interface
5.      Search Books – this will return results from books, both eBooks and regular books in the discovery interface.
 Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
 Sean Tivnan
Senior Discovery Solutions Coordinator
EBSCO Information Services
800 653 2726 x2500


Sean Tivnan Follow-up


Do my suggestions for the search box work for you?  If so, could you please provide us with the code being used on your test site so our engineer can start the coding?
 This is the last aspect of your Discovery setup before we transition you to our ongoing support team who can help you with technical queries in the future.


From George Hart, 1/19

The mulligan EDS works beautifully.  Because I am walking a tightrope with our Web Services group, it’s best to stick with the prior 4-part breakdown of WMS (Books) and EDS (articles) and E-Journals and  the Libguides search widget.
The main thing is that the indexing and algorithms built into EDS are astonishingly good.  That’s what we’re going to promote across campus.
I am very grateful for all your assistance and hard work on our behalf.  Being a library director with no support staff has its challenges, and time and again what keeps our library alive is the incredible support we get from our vendors.  Thank you!


From Sean Tivnan, 1/19/17

I’m so glad things are running smoothly!  I’m glad your updated search box is going live and I support your decision to keep the search box format the same, but if you do want to change it around to boost usage our tech team will be more than happy to assist.  I was thrilled to be a part of this project as a resident of Mass, I’m glad my family and friends will be able to benefit from Discovery at Umass. 

At this point in your Discovery experience it’s time to transition you to your ongoing customer account specialist Rob Hurvitz.  Bob is going to be Umass Lowell’s primary contact; any technical requests can be sent to him.  I’d like to have a quick meeting with you and Bob to discuss sending cases his way in the future.  Are you able to spare twenty minutes either Friday or next week for a webinar? 
Anyone administrator at Umass can send their questions to Bob.  Is there anyone else you want me to provide with Bob’s information such as Ellen or Meg?  If you don’t have time for a meeting please let me know and I’ll compose a step by step instruction list for creating a case with Bob.