LearningForce Libguides How-To

For guide Women's Writing

Thank you so much for sending me the draft of the library guide. I love the images you have included. What a great idea!

In terms of resources, I think the students will really appreciate the guides to finding books, finding articles, and searching JSTOR (perfect!). I do not need the guide to finding Literary Criticism or the brainshark presentation about the difference between literary criticism and book reviews. This class is more about how to research and write about women. 

Here are my questions:
    • Are there any resources designed specifically for finding historical information? For instance, a guide to searching for old newspaper articles about a woman from history?
    • Are there any library resources about evaluating the credibility of sources? I want my students to fact-check the information they are finding about the woman they are choosing to research and write about.
  • Thanks again for all you are doing to support students as they figure out how to find and sort through information about great women of the past!