Access toThree Journals: Case Study

What You Can Do

Disability and Society we currently have full text access to 2000.  Because the subscription is over $700 a year, it is unlikely we can get a subscription.  You can search for it in PsychInfo and then request the full text through InterLibrary Loan.
Disability Studies QuarterlyWe do have full text access though our database Education Research Complete.
Scandinavian Journal of Disability Researchwe don’t have any full text access to this journal, but you can search through the journal at and request articles through InterLlibrary Loan.  A subscription would cost about $125.  
My suggestion would be to start seeing how many articles you actually need to request from these titles before we start considering a subscription.  I would also suggest expanding the search to our Sociology, Education, and Psychology databases to see if there are articles in other journals that we have.  Once we see how many articles you actually need from those journals, we can make a better decision about subscriptions.  InterLibrary Loan is a fantastic and free service.  It is our way of making sure you get the articles you need from journals we can’t justify a subscription to.

What You Can Do: Another Version

I think Sara took the best step in looking at this as a discovery problem first—and she points out three indexes to these journals:
·        Disability and Society - You can search for it in PsychInfo (link, Under P, scroll down)
·        Disability Studies Quarterly - We do have full text access though our databaseEducation Research Complete here, under E, scroll down.
·        Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research - you can search through the journalat
·        Google Scholar of course is a fourth option. 
·        And the search boxes on the journal websites are another—
o   here’s the search page for Disability and Society
o   here’s the search page for Disability Studies Quarterly
o   here’s the search page for the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research
As you discover articles outside of our online subscriptions, just use this link to connect to (or create a new) ILL account. We generally email requested articles back to you within 24 hours (a bit longer during busy periods). 
There is no limit to the number of articles you can request.