ScienceDirect (Elsevier) Usage Information


Annual price cap should be in-line with library budget expectations

We should be allowed to drop and/or swap out titles to meet our evolving and changing needs, with no annual cap (let’s start here, then we can try to get something like 8% - currently the cap is 1% which is non-tenable)

We should be allowed to deduct APC’s (article processing charges) for Open Access journals that we publish in

The Data Working Group has a shared directory on the UMass Box platform. If you would like, I could set up the same arrangement for the Steering Committee. Just let me know.

via Sally


Negotiation Points


  • Start with a new list: add/drop titles
  • Annual cancelation rate greater than 10%
  • Consideration for all Elsevier products we purchase
  • Access to the Freedom Collection
  • Wave/reduce publisher open access fee
  • Authors retain copyright of figures and tables

In light of Elsevier’s acquisition of bepress and our ongoing negotiations with them, UMMS would like to add the following requests to the negotiations:

  • UMass Medical School’s eScholarship@umassmed, and other UMass campus library’s IR’s using bepress/Digital Commons, will be (granted a license) able to upload (at no cost) all UMass authors full text post-print publications into their respective IR’s, regardless of journal policies to the contrary.

  • All UMass campus library’s using bepress/Digital Commons to publish Open Access publications will be indexed in Scopus at no cost to the UMass library’s and their institutions.

  • Elsevier will provide Digital Commons as a free service for UMass libraries with journal subscriptions.

  • Elsevier will consider appropriate offsetting charges for multiple services purchased (bepress, ScienceDirect/journal packages, Scopus, SciVal, Mendeley (although we don’t purchase Mendeley).



Elsevier Products


  • ScienceDirect
  • SciVal/Scopus
  • Netter Presenter: Human Anatomy Collection
  • eBooks
  • Clinics in ...
  • Cell Press titles
  • bepress (Digital Commons)