Twelfth Night Winter Read: Honors College

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It's all good! How about all of them?

There are two film versions I really like and would recommend we make available (or arrange screening of?):

► A 1996 film directed by Trevor Nunn, with Helena Bonham Carter & Ben Kingsley.
► A 2015 release, "Twelfth Night - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre On Screen," directed by Tim Carroll with Mark Rylance playing Olivia and an all-male cast.

The latter represents “original practices” staging at the rebuilt Globe in London.  So we get to see a live performance for a Globe audience (including groundlings*), as well as something close to how the play might have been done by Shakespeare’s company (except that Rylance is a lot older than the boy  actor who would have played Olivia!).  I believe this one has subtitles too, which is nice — viewers can “read along” with the performance more easily.

*Who are groundlings? We are.

Films on Demand

You can watch Kenneth Branagh's version of the play here. You must be logged in to the UML Library.