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Open Textbooks: Faculty

Open Textbook Success in Other Schools

University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota has created an open textbook library to supply faculty with free textbook options. 

Rice University
Rice University is home to the non profit OpenStax, which are open source, peer-reviewed textbooks that have been adopted by over 300 universities and colleges. Since 2012, OpenStax has saved students $155 million and counting by offering free, peer-reviewed textbooks for the highest-enrollment college courses.

California State
CSU has implanted an Affordable Learning Solutions plan which enables faculty to choose more affordable textbooks. 

Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart as compiled a list of of over 200 open education resources for its faculty.

UMass Amherst

Our sister school at is at the forefront of the Open Text, or Open Educational Resoures (OER) movement. Fueled by the dedication and enthusiasm of librarian Marilyn Billings and her colleagues, Amherst's program is now a national model. UMass Amherst incorporates OERs published on the Internet, resource packets, and faculty published textbooks. 

Over the last five years, 65 open educational resources  (books, packets, etc) were used in courses.

Based on enrollments and the cost of prior course books, the University estimates savings of almost $1.5 million. The top 10 resources accounted for nearly $1.1 million, and the bottom 55 resources accounted for over $.4 million in savings.

For more information see here.


If you need assistance with adopting Open Texts including the selection of materials or design of a unique website please contact the University Library.