Institutional Repositories at UMass Lowell: A National Model for Academic Libraries

Open Educational Resources

The Library's Digital Services Studio will be instrumental in developing an Open Text institutional repository of creative commons, copyright-cleared, and open educational resource (OER) materials. This crucial, sixth institutional repository containing documents and learning objects can be used by faculty to complement or substitute for traditional, often costly, textbooks.

The Library will support this sixth institutional repository of open access learning modules (guides, tutorials, videos, lectures, files, etc.) created by UML faculty, and stored for their personal use or for sharing more widely, according to their desires. By helping with the documentation and inclusion in the repository—i.e. the concentration, description, storage and discovery of these materials—the Library will help the university gather together, utilize and promote its dispersed and often undiscovered treasures.

Lastly, the Library will provide specialized technical support for tagging these learning objects according to the industry-wide Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards.  In particular, applying  LTI tags to learning modules stored in the repository (a cloud-based application from Springshare) so these modules can be automatically embedded in Blackboard course shells.