Institutional Repositories at UMass Lowell: A National Model for Academic Libraries

The Digital Measures Repository



Digital Measures preserves faculty teaching, publication, research, and service activities, ensuring properly formatted data for our first Institutional Repository, a cloud-based Data Warehouse. UMass Lowell Libraries serves the Faculty by creating new accounts, providing training, collecting publication citations, and running reports. The Library supports Digital Measures in partnership with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and our Web Services office who draw information from Digital Measures to create the Faculty Profile Pages. The Library supports this key institutional repository to achieve important goals.

The  goals of Digital Measures are as follows:

► Help the university maintain standardized faculty profile pages (updated in real time from the Digital Measures Data Warehouse);
► Offer an option for a standardized CV link on profile pages;
► Help with standardized personnel forms and grant applications (16A, CVs or NSF Sketches);
► Provide reports for Accreditation;
► Assist Web Services in using Digital Measures to promote faculty achievements; 
► Work with faculty metadata (describing research interests) to facilitate matchmaking—i.e. research collaborations across different disciplines ;
► Help faculty integrate their CVs and publications from DM to a personal scholar’s hub page.

Institutional and Faculty Benefits of Digital Measures

  • Academic Accountability
  • Inter-Institutional Visibility
  • Collaboration Between Colleagues Across Disciplines