TEA Strand for Tech Fellows: January 2017

TEA Technology Strand: Digital Futures
3/1/17: Wednesday: Noon to 3:30 pm
Innovation Hub—Downtown Lowell

The final session of the Technology Strand will provide you with an opportunity to learn about digital technology innovation in education and to bring closure to the many digital technology experiences you have encountered through this component of the project. We will hold our last session in one of UMass Lowell’s newest and most cutting edge programs—the Innovation Hub in downtown Lowell.

12:00 pm

Arrival, Welcome, Introduction and Tour of the Facility

12:20 PM


Lunch will be brought to the Innovation Hub for us. TEA Fellows, Digital Entrepreneurs, Innovation Hub Staff, and Technology Strand Facilitators will lunch and chat.

1:00 PM

Panel of Digital Technology Entrepreneurs in the Field of Education

A panel of digital technology entrepreneurs, developing products with relevance to TEA Fellows, will present on their initiatives. TEA Fellows will have the opportunity to ask questions about the initiatives, as well as share information about the challenges and issues entrepreneurs might face bringing their products into different environments. We aim for this to be a lively exchange between the two that could lead to future partnerships.

2:00 PM


2:10 PM

Planning Toward the Future—Implementing Digital Technology in Your Practice

TEA fellows will review the variety of digital technologies and technology experiences from across the TEA Technology Strand. Using this information as background, they will develop one lesson plan they could implement on their return. We will conclude with a discussion of the ways they would like to move forward with digital technologies and how we could better support them to do so.