TEA Strand for Tech Fellows: January 2017

Session II, Part I: The New Basic Visual Literacy and Assessing Learning


Part I: Jonathan Silverman, associate professor of English
Coordinator of journalism and professional writing concentration

Wednesday, 2/8/17: 9:00 am to noon
O’Leary Rm 140



In this portion of the program, we will learn basic competencies in shooting, editing, and uploading photographs and video. There is a wide gap between perceived mastery of using digital still and video cameras and non-use of them. Masters produce television or film quality works that air to large publics, but just as we undertake writing in classrooms that does not project itself to professional mastery, so should we embrace the usefulness of employing these technologies in the classroom and beyond.


Learn To:
►Take photos more effectively
►Shoot video more effectively
►Edit photos
►Upload material to a website


Materials Needed
►Smart Phone
►Personal computer
(if not available, equivalents provided)

Module I


Using smartphones or digital cameras, the class will first take photos with some easy to understand instructions that can improve the process of taking photos. Then we will use widely-available internet technology to edit these photographs and upload them to a site. 
•Learn simple shooting techniques
•Identify subjects.
•Take 10 photos. 

•Choose photograph to edit. 

•Upload to online photo editor (such as Pxlr or Fotor) and edit photo

•Save photo for uploading.


Module II

•Learn simple shooting techniques. 

•Identify a subject

•Record a short video.
•Edit using online video editor (such as YouTube Editor or Shotclip)
•Save video for uploading.

MODULE III: Uploading 
•Choose digital platform 

•Upload material either directly or through embedding material. 

Part II: Assessing Learning

Michelle Scribner MacLean, Clinical Instructor, Graduate School of Education
William Suppa, UMass Lowell IT Staff

Assessing Learning
1. Demonstrate mobile apps for assessment (Evernote, ThingLink, other web 2.0 apps)

2. Mursion TeachLive. Will demo and discuss how we use it at the GSE and then we will share a scenario and have a few participants teach with the avatar class with a debrief.