TEA Strand for Tech Fellows: January 2017

TEA Technology Strand: Session I: Mapping Our Digital Selves; Wikipedia and You; Buying Technology in the U.S.

2/1/17: Wednesday: 9 am – noon Rm 140, O’Leary Library


Welcome and Introduction to the Technology Strand of the TEA program and the activities of Session I.

Part I: Mapping our Digital Selves

Leader: Judith Davidson, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education

In this session we will explore the ways TEA Fellows use digital technologies in their personal and professional (teaching) lives through conducting a mini-inquiry using wiki’s to collect and store our data. The questions we will be investigating are: 

  1. How do you use digital technology in your personal life?

  2. How do you use digital technology in your professional (teaching) life?

  3. What are the challenges you face in your home location using digital technologies to support your professional work?

Through data generation, discussion, and synthesis, we will develop an understanding of the similarities and differences among TEA Fellows in regard to digital technology use. This will be critical information for shaping the upcoming technology strand and for assisting TEA Fellows to develop workable strategies for implementing their learning beyond their time in the U.S. 

Part II

Wikipedia and You: A Global and Local Digital Initiative

Leader: Sara Marks, Librarian, UMass Libraries

Wikipedia is one of the most widely used informational tools on the Internet. For many people around the world, Wikipedia is the only encyclopedia to which they will have access. As Wikipedia expands into new languages across the globe, it may be one of the few repositories of information in languages with smaller groups of speakers. For individuals, like the TEA Fellows, who are educational leaders in their countries and respective language groups, Wikipedia offers a universe of opportunities for building responsible information about country and culture and engaging students in that work.

Sara Marks has been involved for over a decade in Wikipedia development and has vast knowledge of the Wikipedia movement and its global possibilities. In this session you will

1. Gain a basic orientation to Wikipedia and its educationally related activities.

2. Inquire into the kinds of materials and information Wikipedia holds about your country, culture, and language.

3. Learn how you can work with local“Wikimedians”to produce Wikipedia content as an individual and with your students. 

Part III

Purchasing Technology in the Boston Region

Leader: William Suppa, UMass Lowell IT Department What kinds of technologies do you want to purchase? Where can you get the best buys?
How do you get to these locations?

What are some do’s and don’ts in technology shopping in the U.S.?

William (Bill) Suppa has spent his life tinkering with digital technology. Bring your questions and he will give you helpful answers so you can get started early with your important digital technology shopping!