Internships: What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Finding an Internship

Actively use all your resources as a UMass Lowell student:

► Make an appointment with a career counselor to discuss what the Career & Co-op Center has to offer you as you prepare and search for the right internship. Call 978-934-2355 for more information.

Talk to faculty, alumni, friends and neighbors about your interest in an internship. Tell as many people as possible what you're looking for so they can help identify opportunities that would be right for you.

Identify companies that interest you and visit their websites to explore whether internship programs are offered there. If their website doesn't discuss internship programs, call or visit the organization to discuss how you might create an internship there that involves your interests and lets you gain valuable experience.

► Use the web by exploring internship openings in your field of interest. Some job sites post internships, as well. Just use "intern" as a key word in the site's search engine.

Steps in the Process

The Career and Co-op Center is an essential tool in finding an internship. This list on their website gives a step by step description of finding, applying to and completing an internship.