Internships: What You Can Do

Peace and Conflict Studies

Certain degree requirements can be fulfilled with a Practicum. The practicum might be a good choice, if you are a student who wants to:
► Gain first-hand experience working on issues related to peace and conflict;
► Focus on acquiring job skills and work-related connections;
► Get involved in a particular field or organization.

Please refer to the Peace and Conflict department website for complete information.

Thesis, Project and Practicum Handbook

Internship Binder

The Practicum will :
► Be completed over the course of one or two academic semesters, counting for 3 or 6 credits toward the degree
► Be carried out under the supervision of one faculty member (the instructor for the field experience course)  
► Consist of approximately 150 hours of internship to be completed in 8-14 weeks 
► Require regular contact with the instructor, weekly journal entries, periodic meetings with all the students in the field experience class, and a final 10 page paper consisting of a summary of the work and lessons and skills learned.

Political Science

The Political Science major requires 75-100 hours of course work fulfilled in a practicum.

Requirements for Practicum

Please contact your major advisor or

Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung, PhD
Professor and Chair Political Science Department
University of Massachusetts Lowell
201A Dugan 883 Broadway, Lowell, MA 01854