How to Use Audacity


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New Project 

Remember to save your file before you begin a new project! 

File> Save Project As





 The red record button starts recording.


 The blue pause button pauses recording (click again to continue). 


 The yellow stop button stops recording. 


  • A new audio track is created when you stop recording.
  • Mute recorded tracks before recording additional tracks. 
  • Unmute to hear them play back.


Play back audio

 Click the green play button to hear recorded or imported audio.

 The skip to start button returns you to the beginning of the audio. 

 The selection tool allows you to position the playback head wherever you want to start playing the audio.

Isolate an audio track by pressing the solo button.

Import audio file

Drag and drop the audio file from your computer into the Audacity window.


File > Import Audio 

Reposition audio clips

 Select the time shift tool.

Click and hold the clip. Move on track and release where you want it.

Select a portion of a clip for editing


Use the selection tool.


Select the portion of the clip you want to remove. Click, drag and release. Selection will be highlighted


To delete a portion of the clip, simply hit delete on your keyboard. 

To move a portion to a new track, go to Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split New. The selection will be moved to a new track below. Reposition the new clip by using the time shift tool



Export finished audio as an mp3


Click File > Export.

Select mp3 as the file format.



Tutorial based on Kent State University/University Libraries' Audio Production Tutorials: Audacity