How To Import Citations From Google Scholar to Digital Measures

What You Can Do: Set Up the Process

Note:While it is possible to export a specific citation within your Google scholar search results to BibTeX, the intention is that you would first aggregate your citations via Google Scholar Citations prior to generating the BibTeX file for import into Activity Insight.

To export citations to a BibTeX file:

► Navigate to Google Scholar.
          Select My Citations.
► If you are not yet logged in, enter your credentials to sign in. Upon signing in you should land on your profile page where you will see a list of your "articles."
► If you would like to export only select articles to your BibTeX file, choose these from your profile. If you would like to export all of your articles, simply leave things as they are.
► In the Actions drop-down list choose to Export your articles.
► On the Export Articles page, ensure that the File Format selected is BibTeX. Then select to export either the selected articles or all articles, depending on your need.
Save the export file.