Lydon Library General Purpose Room

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In order to request a room reservation, first sign in with your credentials by clicking on the Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner of the Book It landing page.

What You Can Do

Once logged in, you will see the form pictured below.
Required Fields are:

  • Event Name (limited to 40 characters). 
  • Event Title for Publication (120 characters). This is the name that will appear in the University calendar.  (Both Event Name and Event Title for Publication may be the same, but please be sure to complete both).
  • Event Type (for example meeting, conference, colloquium-forum-panel, dates and deadlines, etc.)
  • Event Date and Time (actual start and end time for the event, which will appear on the University calendar). There is an option to include setup and takedown times as well.
  • Expected Head Count, which helps ensure that your event is booked in an appropriate space. Enter 0 for Dates & Deadlines.
  • Preferred Event Location, the space where you'd like to have your event. Every effort will be accommodate requests, but if requests can't be met, the events office will suggest alternative locations. (NOTE:  If you are submitting a "virtual" event to the calendar (such as a deadline), choose UML-INFO as your preferred location; you can also choose off-campus as a location if that's the case.)
  • Department Sponsoring Event. Choosing the appropriate organization will allow your department's events to appear on your department calendar, if your website has one.
  • Event Comments and Instructions: This field is for internal notes and instructions only. Please be sure to enter information regarding desired setup, food, audio-visual needs, etc.  This information will NOT be published to the calendar, but will be used to assign the appropriate resources and service providers.
  • Contact Roles for This Event for information prior to the event and/or on site on the day of the event.
  • Event Description: Enter a description as you would like it to appear on the University calendar. Be sure to include public contact information for more information. If you event is a meeting or other invitation-only event, simply state that in the description (e.g., weekly departmental meeting).

Click Finish to save the request and have it forwarded to Hospitality and Event Services for approval.