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The left side navigation box is a good place to put links, since links are small and hard to see and may be missed in a larger text box.

You can also embed search widgets here, for instance Google Scholar, or the Library search page.

What You Can Do

The second and following pages do not need to follow the exact pattern of the first, (intro) page. You do not have to include images unless the How To Do It steps you are describing require it. Try to avoid too much on one page. The guide should encourage, rather than discourage, persistence. If the amount of information displayed all at once is too large or too distracting, the goal of persistence will be harder to reach. Curiousity is a good driver of persistence, so keep some of your information out of sight until your reader has absorbed the content in front of her.

Provide guidance.

Lift the burden of discovery from the reader to some extent.