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What You Can Do

There are a few different ways to close a virtual machine. You can either disconnect or log out.

Disconnecting will close the virtual machine and start a 1-hour timer. Disconnecting allows you to reconnect to the same session at a later point in time, as long as you do not exceed the one hour timer. After one hour, the user is logged out.
Logging out immediately disconnects the user and destroys the virtual machine. This removes any files that have been created since you have logged in. Be sure to save all of your documents in a safe location like a USB device.

Please choose the method that best suits your needs. If you need to reconnect quickly (less than an hour) you should disconnect. If you are not planning to reconnect at a later time you should log out.

Disconnecting is very simple. All you have to do is briefly press the blue power button on the terminal at your desk. This button is circled in red in figure 3.


Figure 3

What you Can do: Reconnect Your Session

When you want to reconnect to the session you disconnected from, follow the same instructions for logging into vLabs. When you login and are selecting the lab you would like to connect to, you will see “Reconnect to Desktop” instead of “Log on to Desktop” shown in figure 4. Alternatively, you can use your own device from anywhere. Instructions for other devices can be found at vLabs page.

If you choose to log out immediately, log out as you would normally do on any windows computer using the start menu, and clicking “Log Off.”


WARNING: Logging off will destroy any new files that were created since you logged in. These files must be moved to an external storage location like a USB thumb drive or a cloud based service like Dropbox. UMass Lowell Information Technology is not responsible for any lost work or data from logging off of a vLabs station.