SPSS at Umass Lowell


This document will demonstrate how to log in, disconnect, and log out of a vLabs station. The vLabs stations are provided in on-campus labs for student, faculty, and staff use. These stations provide access to any application that would normally only be available in on-campus computer labs. For your convenience, they work almost exactly like a physical computer works.

What you Can Do

When you first sit down at a vLabs station, you will see the login screen shown below in figure 1. Enter your UMass Lowell student e-mail address and password into the corresponding fields. You can safely ignore the “Domain” field. This is shown below in figure 1. 

oncampus1 oncampus2

After clicking the “Login” button, you will be shown a list of labs your account is entitled access to. Select the lab you would like to access and click “Connect.” The window will look similar to the image shown in figure 2. If you only have access to one lab you will be automatically connected to that lab, so you will not see the list of labs. 


  1. After clicking “Connect”, you will then be logged into a vLabs desktop from the lab that you have chosen. You will have to access all of the applications that you would normally use in the lab.