SPSS at Umass Lowell

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What is vLabs?

UMass Lowell vLabs allows students, faculty and staff to access the university's software anytime from anywhere, including residence halls, libraries, and even from home. You now have access to any tool or application available in an on-campus lab on your Laptop, home PC, and even your tablet or smartphone.

Select Client Configurations to learn how to configure your device for vLabs.

For information on connecting USB devices to a vLabs terminal on campus, please select USB Information from the sidebar. 


The VLABS have SPPS installed in the “Learning Commons” load.  O’Leary 237 would be a great place to use VLABS if requested.  O’Leary 200a and 200b both have SPSS installed as well.  They are not VLAB stations. O’Leary 140 does not have it installed currently but if needed, we could have it ready by end of the week.All labs are equipped with Office 2010 Professional Plus, Acrobat Pro, Web browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE), Adobe CS6 (Design and Web), Pharos, and Adobe Flash, AIR and Shockwave. Visit vLabs Custom Software for all software available in vlabs.

If you prefer to use a UMass Lowell vLabs terminal, you can locate one in the following areas:
South Campus
O’Leary Library, Weed Hall Room 212*
North Campus
Lydon Library Room 203, Olsen Hall Room 610*
Southwick Hall – Room 309, Room 310, Room 313, Room 317
Pasteur Hall – Room 205*, Room 207*

Residential Areas
Fox Hall, ICC

*Card access is required to access these labs.