OMEKA Upload Procedure

Columns and data types to include


NOTE: items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be included in CSV file.

* Title:  Title of the item

* Description:  A brief descriptive entry of the item.

* Creator:  The creator is the entity responsible for the creation of the item.  Many times this is the author.  If the creator cannot be determined, use the term: [unknown].  If you have a question about the creator of the item see Mehmed Ali.

* Source:  Use the appropriate source text for your collection.  Please see Mehmed Ali if you have questions.

* Rights: Use the appropriate rights text for your collection.  Please see Mehmed Ali if you have questions.

* Date:  The date of the item.  You may use any of the following formats:

  • Year:  YYYY (e.g. 1997)
  • Year and month:  YYYY-MM (e.g. 1997-07)
  • Complete date:  YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. 1997-07-16)
  • If the exact date cannot be determined, the following notation may be used; “circa 1977”.

NOTE:  If you are using an Excel Spreadsheet, you may have to change the data type of the column containing date information.  Excel will format the information to be compatible with Excel Spreadsheets.  If necessary change the data type to “Text” to retain the correct formatting for ingesting files.

* Format:  The file format is typically used in this field.

Language:  This should be used if there is an identifiable language associated with the item.  If the item is an image and there is no discernible language, this may be left blank.

* Type:  The contents of this field should be chosen from OMEKA’s file type list ( .  The following list of Acceptable file types is from OMEKA documentation:


Moving Image

Oral History


Still Image




Lesson Plan



Interactive Resource

* IdentifierNeed to decide on a numbering scheme.  The identifier is a unique and unambiguous reference to the source being ingested.

Contributor:  A contributor can be a person, organization or server.  A contributor would be a co-author or someone who made a contribution to the item.

Coverage:  At this time this field will not be used.

Publisher:  This should be included if the items have been published and have citation information.

Relation:  We need to determine if we have related items and if we want to use this.

Subject:  This should be a Library of Congress recognized subject.  Decide if should cover entire collection or just the item or both.  Can also be left out.

Tags:  Tags are keywords that will help identify your items and make them easily discoverable by someone accessing your collection.  If you have a number of items that are all the same topic, you can use the topic as a tag.  For example if you have number of items that are speeches concerning Alaska, you could use speeches and Alaska as your keywords.