OMEKA Upload Procedure



The basic workflow for uplaoding to OMEKA consists of the following

  1. Verify that your files are not too large - (add size later)
  2. Stage the import files/images on a server that can be accessed by a URL from outside the Campus.
  3. Create a Comma Separated Values file according to the instructions
  4. Verify the CSV file has the correct formatting and the data is normalized
  5. Access OMEKA and open the CSV plugin.
  6. Fill out the appropriate fields
  7. Ingest
  8. Determine if there were any files that weren't uploaded by examining the status.
  9. (PASSWORDED OR PRIVATE) ??  Identify the items that weren't uploaded. (this is done by accessing the tables in Bluehost)
  10. Make corrections and attempt the upload again.