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Hello Everyone, 

Myself Pravin Ubhrani, a Graduate Student of Chemical Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Basically I was born and bought up in India in a city name Nasik 300KM from Mumbai. Ì did My undergraduate from University of Pune in Chemical Engineering. I did my undergraduate thesis in A Step towards Environmental Waste Management and Sustainable (Biofuel) Production from Banana Peels and published the paper in American journal of Engineering and Research (AJER). My area of Interest is Biofuels to be more specific ethanol". As ethanol is a blending mixture for petroleum products. Currently, America uses 10% v/v ethanol in fuel. If we increase the percentage of ethanol the cost of petroleum products will be more cheaper. ethanol enhances the octane contents of fuel and will act as a Anti- Knocking agent. Carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by use of ethanol, and lead(Pb) and other carcinogens are removed from gasoline which are as a alternative anti- knocking agents. 

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Pravin Ubhrani