How to Set Up an Account in Libguides

Group Access
If your site uses the Groups functionality, you can set this user's Group access role right from the Create screen. (You can also manage access from the Admin > Groups > Edit Group > User Access area.) There are 4 possible roles for a group if the group is Internal. Public and Restricted group types have 3 possible roles.
You must give the user access to the group in order to create guides in / edit guides in that group. If the user does not have access to the group and they are added to the guide as a Guide Editor, they will not be able to edit that guide until they are given access.

Applies to Regular level users only. Give the user the Admin access role to the group if you want this user to manage everything about the group: create guides in it, access setup & customization options, etc.
Note: At the moment, if you also want to give this user rights to edit all guides within the group, you need to check off "Edit All Guides" in the Additional Permissions area.
Regular level users: Create guides in the group; Edit guides they own / where they've been added as a Guide Editor
Editor & Contributor: Edit guides where they've been added as a Guide Editor.
Read-Only (Internal Groups Only):
Cannot create guides in the group, but can access published guides on the public side of the system.
No Access
User cannot create or edit guides in the group / access group settings. Can access published guides on the public side of the system (unless it's an Internal group).

Click Add.

Email Notifications
Emails will be sent to the new user letting them know about their new account.

►If they previously had a LibApps account, they will get one email informing them of their account in your system.

►If they did not have a LibApps account yet, they will get 2 emails:

      →Informing them of their new LibApps account. This email contains either a link to set their password or the password entered.
       →Informing them of their new account in your LibGuides site, along with a link to log in to that specific site.