Latina/Latino Studies: Sociology 3520

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Week 1: Why Study Latinos in the US?

9/7 First Day; Overview of Syllabus

Week 2: Sociological Theories of Race & Colonization
9/12 Discussion and Lecture: Who are Latinas and Latinos? Why Study Them?
9/14 Introduction of Class Members

Week 3: Historicizing the U.S. Latino Experience
9/19 Read Introduction to Beyond El Barrio (BEB) In-Class Writing #1
9/21 Read “Racial Formation in the U.S.,” Michael Omi and Howard Winant” Documentary Film: CHICANO! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement: Part I, Quest for A Homeland

Week 4: Identity & Building Communities
9/26 Peggy Levitt “Transnational Ties and Incorporation: The Case of Dominicans in the United States” (R)
9/28 Junot Díaz, excerpt from The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (R) In-Class Writing #2

Week 5: Mobilizing for Equality
10/3 Miguel Melendez, excerpt from We Took the Streets: Fighting for Latino Rights with the Young Lords (R)
Racial Autobiography Due
10/5 Lecture and Discussion: Latinos in the Caribbean vs. Mexicans Documentary Film: Palante, Siempre Palante!: The Young Lords

Week 6: Exam 1
10/10 No Class—University Holiday
10/12 Lecture on Sociological Theories of Assimilation: From Anglo Conformity to Multiculturalism

Week 7: Exam 1 & Testing the Boundaries of Integration
10/17 Exam 1
10/19 Maria Elena Cepeda, “Singing the Star-Spanglish Banner: The Politics and Patholigization of Bilingualism in U.S. Popular Media.” (BEB)

Week 8: The Quest to Belong in the US
10/24 Adrian Burgos, Jr., “Becoming Suspect in Usual Places: Latinos, Baseball, and Belonging in El Barrio del Bronx.” (BEB)
10/26 Lourdes Gutierrez Najera, “Hayndose: Zapotec Migrant Expressions of Membership and Belonging.” (BEB)
In-Class Writing #3

Week 9: Gender, Sexuality & Sexism
10/31 Gina Perez, “Hispanic Values, Military Values: Gender, Culture, and the Militarization of Latino Youth.” (BEB) 11/2 Deborah Paredez, “All About My (Absent) Mother: Young Latina Aspirations in Real Women Have Curves and Ugly Betty.” (BEB)

Week 10: The “New” Latino Immigrants: The Undocumented
11/7 As we will be 24 hours from the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, our reading on this day will be a collection of newspaper articles on undocumented immigration written from September 7 (day 1 of the semester) up until 11/7
11/9 Lecture on U.S. Census Data and How To Use It In-Class Writing #4

Week 11: Immigration Reform and Immigration Policy
11/14 Read and Discuss Lives in Limbo
Groups will be assigned to lead discussion over specific portions for the week.
11/16 Read and Discuss Lives in Limbo Week 12: Exam 2 & Thanksgiving
11/21 Lecture and Discussion: States, Borderlands Theory, and Border Crossings
11/23 Lecture & Potluck: Where Was The First Thanksgiving? Not in Massachusetts but in present day San Elizario, Texas in 1598

Week 13: Contemporary Latino Politics & Exam 2
11/28 Louis Desipio and David Leal, “Introduction: A View from the Background’s Periphery: Latinos and the 2004 Elections.” (R)
Ana Aparicio, “Trasnglocal Barrio Politics: Dominican American Organizing in New York City.” (BEB) Course/Instructor Evaluations
11/30 Exam 2

Week 14: Paper Presentations
12/5 CAP Presentations
12/7 CAP Presentations