Latina/Latino Studies: Sociology 3520

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Racial and Ethnic Autobiography (10%)—this assignment is a 3-4 page paper in which you will write about your own racial/ethnic heritage. Directions for this assignment will be provided during Week 3.

Book Review (10%)—All students will write a book review of the study, Lives in Limbo. Instructions for this assignment will be provided the week before we read the book.

In Class Writing Assignments (3x5%)—in class writing assignments help to keep the class on track and to stay on top of main lecture and reading points in between exams. One question will be offered on the assignment, which are timed at 30 minutes. Notes may be used. 4 in-class writing assignments occur through the semester. The lowest grade will be dropped

Exams—2 Midterms (15% each)—both midterms are essay exams that offer three items of which students select two items to answer. Each item will contain multiple questions that need to be answered with a well-written, blended discussion of key points. Notes may be used.

Demographic Profile Paper (15%)—the profile paper requires the usage of U.S. Census data to track the growth and development of any Latino community in the Boston metropolitan area. We will have a session on how to utilize the U.S. Census website in order to complete this assignment.

Critical Analysis Paper & Presentation (20%)—the critical analysis paper (CAP) is based upon a topic of each student’s choosing. Throughout the semester, I will touch upon various topics and readings we cover and explain how they could form the focus of a CAP. The paper is 5-7 pages and must extensively draw from reading from the class and sources external to the syllabus. Students will present their CAP to the class in Week 14.

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