Theses and Dissertations at UMass Lowell



The thesis/dissertation must conform exactly to the UML Thesis/Dissertation Guide. You can download a copy of the guidelines from the link at left or this page under Forms for Graduate Students Only. A hard copy of the guide is also available at the Registrar's Office, University Crossing.

It is the responsibility of the student and the advisor to carefully follow the format in the guide. Once the thesis/dissertation has been successfully defended, the student must submit the following to the Registrar's Office:

‚ÄčOne clean COPY (do not use original), of the signature page only, dated and with signatures of the thesis/dissertation advisor and all committee members. The original signature page is needed for the archival bound copy.

  1. Signed and completed Declaration of Intent to Graduate, (DIG)
  2. Doctoral students must also submit a completed “Survey of Earned Doctorates” at the time of graduation clearance. The form is also available at the Registrar's Office, University Crossing.