Using YBP Gobi

Types of Carts

  • Users who have the authority to select titles will see a "Select Cart" icon on the right hand corner of the screen. Titles can be selected from search results on Gobi. Think of it as a personal list with titles for consideration that you can print, save, or email. They cannot be seen by anyone else.
  • Users who have the authority to order titles will see an "Order Cart" icon on the right hand of the screen. Orders can be placed from any list of search results on Gobi. 

Selecting a Title

  • Once you have completed your search, make a selection from the list of results.
  • Make sure the title, author, ISBN, binding, publication year, and edition are accurate. 
  • Add to a cart (Order Cart or Select Cart, depending on your preference).
  •  on your bibliographic record indicates an action, such as moving an item to a cart, was successful. Only you can see it and it will disappear when you leave the page.