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Data Management Planning



I. Data Description

This project will generate data on:

Each data set will typically be characterized by parameters such as:

Data will be:  [text, numerical values as tables and spreadsheets, plots/graphs, and images]

The amount of data will not exceed: [MB]

II. Access and Sharing

The data from this project will be gathered on a web site hosted by the PIs’ institution, the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML). Data will be made publicly accessible only after presentation and/or publication, so as to balance accessibility against the need to publish. Following presentation and/or publication, toward the end of the project, the data will be submitted to the UML Libraries’ Springshare digital repository, which is a hosted site, running on a Bootstrap CMS platform.

III. Metadata

A series of documents will be created devoted to individual materials systems and summarizing the data associated with each system, with judicious use of metadata ensuring searchability and enabling discovery. The documents will be described using standard Dublin Core fields including contributor, creator, date, description (for example, the numerical data sets and images forming the basis for a particular conference presentation, journal publication, thesis, or parts thereof.

A Dublin Core metadata description record will be attached to each document prior to the transfer to the UML Libraries’ digital repository. Upon ingest into the repository, the files are given a unique identifier and persistent URL. 

IV. Intellectual Property Rights

The data will be freely provided to the scientific community for non-commercial purposes so long as credit is given; the PIs will retain the rights to the data when used for commercial purposes.

These rights will be protected both by an embargo policy whereby presentation and/or publication must occur prior to the posting of the data. UML’s Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property office will provide feedback and support in this effort.

V. Preservation Infrastructure

Digital preservation at UML is managed by the UML Libraries’ digital repository team using its digital preservation platform.

In support of digital file preservation, UML Libraries has contracted with Springshare Inc. for hosting of its document and data repository, as well as secondary onsite data storage using optical and solid-state media.