How to Embed Libguides into a Blackboard Shell

To link directly to a guide and include on the course menu:

►Copy the full URL of the desired research guide for you class.
►Make sure that you have Edit Mode set to “on.”

To add a link, click on the plus sign in the top right hand corner of the course menu. When the drop down appears, select Web Link.

Once the form opens, type a name that you would like for your link, copy the URL from the LigGuide that you want to use, paste it into the designated field, check the "Available to Users" box, and Submit. It will then be available on the menu.

The process to add a Libguide link within a content area is slightly different, but equally easy to implement. Open the content area or create new content, and in the Build Content menu, select Web Link:

Complete the LibGuide information much like the above directions and add any additional information that you’d like to provide (descriptions, attachments, etc.). Hit Submit when you have completed it.