Academic Search Premier

Searching by Keyword(s)

Searching using keywords lets users find or match words in the articles themselves.  Users can search individual subjects or terms or combine or exclude topics using the AND, OR, and NOT connectors.

And finds articles that contain both terms (e.g., drugs and sports)
Or finds articles that contain either or both terms [e.g., sports or athletics)

Not finds articles that contain one term but not another (e.g., gypsy not moths)


  • environmental policy
  • cloning and ethics
  • gambling and California and native Americans
  • art not modern (find articles contain the term art but not the term modern)

Basic Search Modes

Under Search Options, the search modes offer four different ways to conduct a search. You can combine a search mode with expanders such as Apply related words, and/or with limiters such as Full Text or Publication Type.

Select from:

  • Boolean/Phrase – Supports any Boolean searching or exact phrase searching. Stop words are ignored when part of phrases being searched. For more info on Booleans, click Here.
  • Find all of my search terms – Auto AND all search terms entered (e.g. web AND accessibility)
  • Find any of my search terms – Auto OR all search terms entered (e.g. web OR accessibility)
  • SmartText Searching - You can copy and paste large chunks of text to search for results. SmartText Searching leverages a technology that summarizes text entered to the most relevant search terms then conducts search. This search mode is not available for all databases.

When you click the SmartText Searching radio button, the Find field grows to indicate that you can enter as much text as you want. Type in text, or copy and paste text from an article (or other source) into the Find field, select any other limiters or expanders, and click Search.

SmartText Searching will run the search using the citation's abstract and a new Result List will display. If no abstract is available, SmartText Searching will run the search on the article title. If SmartText Searching is not available in the database being searched, Find Similar Results searches the article's subject headings or descriptors.