Overview for E-Readers


UMass Lowell is committed to universal accessiblity.  Assistive Technology aids readers and writers of all abilities to accomplish what is required by their academic programs. Disability Services can help students connect to the tech devices which are now available to them both on and off campus thanks to vLabs. 

UMass Lowell vLabs allows students, faculty and staff to access software that would normally only be in
computer labs found on-campus
. They can now be accessed at anytime from anywhere, including residence
halls, libraries, and even from home. You now have access to any tool or application available in an on
campus lab on your Laptop, home PC, and even your tablet or smartphone.

UMass Lowell Assistive Technology includes the following software:


Read Write Gold is literacy software that allows you to read on-screen text aloud, research and check written work, and create study guides. This is the main piece of software used to read Alternative Textbooks. Read Write Gold can be downloaded from the UMass Lowell IT website for free . Follow the installation instructions and use your UMass Lowell email and password when prompted.


While you're writing, your smart pen is remembering–linking everything you hear to everything you write. Later, simply tap on your notes to replay the recording.


Dragon Speech Recognition software gives you complete voice control of your digital world. Type papers and easily type what’s on your mind using only your voice. Available for Mac, PC, and iOS


For people who are hard of hearing, an FM system can be used in a classroom to amplify the voice of the professor. The system is an individual piece of technology that the student will use. It consists of a FM transmitter/microphone that the speaker will wear and a FM receiver/headphone that the listener will wear.


JAWS is screen reading software that allows blind of low vision users to navigate a computer by giving audio cues for everything that is happening on the screen. This software can be accessed on the vLabs (more information below).


ZoomText is screen magnification software mainly used by individuals with low vision. This software also allows you to change the color/contrast of the screen, enlarge the cursor, and apply different focus settings. This software can be accessed on the vLabs (more information below)

Article on current Braille Technology in Wikipedia.