African American Literature


African American Literature Introduction to Brainshark Exercise
In order to get you ready for working on your end of the semester projects, I have devised this introductory exercise, in conjunction with librarians in digital Services, O'Leary 240, with whom you will be closely working, in which you will produce 3 PowerPoint slides that will help to introduce you to me and your fellow classmates. The total time for your PowerPoint/Brainshark presentation needs to be 3-3.5 minutes. Do not go over 3.5 minutes or you will be penalized a letter grade.
In compiling your Brainshark Presentation of 3 PowerPoint slides, you will answer the following 3 questions with 1 slide accompanying each question:

·         Tell us something interesting about you.
·         Tell us specifically why you are taking this class. What do you hope to learn?
·         Tell us about an African American author that we will read in this class or one that you have encountered outside of this class that you are interested in learning more about and why?
Use GOOGLE IMAGES to find images for each of your slides. You must find slides with high resolution. Here is how to do it: Once you have found an image(s), click on Search Tools. Then, click on Size. Then click on Large. These images have been filtered for you to present you with the images with the highest resolution—the ones that will best work for your Brainshark presentations. Save the images to your computer and name them as you would with any saved document.
Write up a narrative to accompany each of your slides. You will need this narrative when you develop this Introduction to Brainshark Project.
You must then immediately make an appointment to see someone in the Media Center who will work with you to help you put together your Brainshark Presentation. Remember that The Media Center is not open on the weekend.

Your Brainshark Class Introductions must be uploaded to the class Brainshark site on or before Monday October 3rd at Midnight. Also, please email me your Brainshark links, and make sure that
they work before they are sent to me.
Your Brainshark Class Introductions will begin to be presented in class on Tuesday October 4th.


Brainshark Sample

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